Frame cover ECO

Frame Cover ECO is a foam profile used for the protection of frames and stair railings

Temporary cover for door frames and stair railings

The product

Frame Cover ECO has a unique fit. Ideal for temporary protection of window frames and door frames, stairs railings and balustrades. The foam profiles lock tightly into place without the need for glue, tape or staples. Frame Cover ECO can be removed quickly and reused.


Frame Cover ECO offers optimal protection against damage caused by wheelbarrows and construction traffic during new construction, renovation and maintenance. Frame Cover ECO U-100 and Frame Cover ECO U-120 are available for the protection of door frames. Frame Cover ECO is also available in cardboard to protect vulnerable corners.


Easydek Frame Cover ECO is quick and easy to apply. The product is self-locking, meaning there is no requirement for tape, staples or glue to fix it into place. Despite the shock-absorbent properties, Frame Cover ECO is a lightweight product that is easy to remove and use again. Therefore, Frame Cover ECO offers the best protection for windows and handrails.

Frame cover ECO


Project photos

Delivery program

401030 170 2 U white 20
401025 110-145 2 U blue 24
401022 100 2 U blue 32
401020 80 2 U blue 40
401017 60 2 U blue 50
401015 45 2 U blue 80
401012 35 2 U blue 90
401010 25 2 U blue 140


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