Multi Cover Basic

Multi Cover Basic is a protective fleece for protecting various floors

Temporary protection during painting

The product

Multi Cover Basic is a non-woven moisture and shock-absorbent protective fleece for the temporary protection of all kinds of surfaces. Multi Cover Basic consists of two layers. The underlayer is a non-slip film.. The soft upper layer consists of recycled textiles that have been compressed and thermally welded together onto the underlayer. The textile upper layer provides good shock absorption and is liquid-absorbent. Paint or other substances are collected and absorbed, while the underlayer prevents contamination of the floor underneath.


During painting or plastering, Multi Cover Basic offers safe protection for carpet, laminate, linoleum, tile and concrete flooring and PVC floors. Multi Cover Basic can also be used for outdoor flooring. For covering floors made of natural material, such as parquet or natural stone, it is advised that a breathable material such as Multi Cover Breathable or Premium + be used. Multi Cover Basic is delivered in rolls.

Multi Cover Basic is rolled up in such a way that the non-slip layer is on the outside. Roll out easily by hand or foot. Adhere the seams using Easydek Multi Tape Removable.


Thanks to the shock-absorbent properties, the underlying floor remains undamaged, even during intensive work. Multi Cover Basic is also moisture-absorbent, ensuring drops of paint that get caught on the sole of the shoe will not be distributed throughout the room. Multi Cover Basic is reusable and has unlimited uses.

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Multi Cover Basic

Delivery program

201010 1.0 x 10 220gr grey   115
201020 1.0 x 25 220gr grey   84
201030 1.0 x 50 220gr grey   40


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