Sticky Mat

Easydek Sticky Mat is a self-adhesive entrance mat protecting against dust contamination

Captures dust and dirt under shoes

The product

Easydek Sticky Mat is a self-adhesive entrance mat for the reduction of dust. The adhesive upper layer easily captures dust. The underside also has a self-adhesive layer to ensure the mat does not move and remains firmly in place.


During new construction, repair and maintenance, Easydek Sticky Mat offers optimal protection against dust migration. Easydek Sticky Mat automatically removes dust under the shoes of those walking in and out of a construction site or production location. Easydek Sticky Mat is ideal for rolling stock such as mobile scaffolding, carts, dolleys, trolleys, forklifts or wheelchairs. Easydek Sticky Mat can be used in places where dust-free rooms are important. Think of clean rooms, laboratories, technical rooms, or completed rooms on a construction site.


Easydek Sticky Mat consists of sixty self-adhesive layers that are simple to remove after they have become contaminated. The layers are numbered and manufactured in such a way that the self-adhesive layer is facing up. The number shows how many sheets remain. The last mat is self-adhesive, which means the mats never shift. Easydek Sticky Mat is lightweight and easy to use.

Sticky Mat


Delivery program

702510 0,9 0,6 white 60 layer Self-adhesive entrance mat 5
702512 0,9 0,6 blue 60 layer Self-adhesive entrance mat 5


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  • Collect dust under shoes
  • Collect dust under mobile scaffolding
  • Collect dust under carts
  • Collect dust under dolleys
  • Collect dust under trolleys

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