Multi Board FR

Easydek Multi Board is a lightweight fire-retardant plastic cover panel for protecting complete rooms

Multifunctional, Fire-retardant, shock-absorbent and moisture-resistant

The product

Multi Board FR is a lightweight fire-retardant plastic cover sheet for temporary covering, sealing and protection of various surfaces such as shipyards and yachts during the various stages of construction. The sheets consist of two layers with cross joints between them. Multi Board FR is quick to process: the product can be cut to size with a knife and is easy to fold.


During intensive new construction, renovation and maintenance work, Multi Board FR provides the ultimate fire retardant protection for entire rooms against all kinds of damage. Easydek Multi Board FR is an extremely versatile protective product. Cover window frames, floors and walls with Multi Board. Multi Board FR is ideal for weather and wind-resistant cladding of unglazed window frames. Thanks to its transparent design, areas behind it receive sufficient light from outside. Multi Board FR can also be used to cover ceilings, stairs & staircases, columns, galleries, railings and elevators. Easydek Multi Board FR is very easy to use. Lay or place Easydek Multi Board FR on or against the surface to be protected. Make sure it is clean, dry and fully cured. Fix Easydek Multi Board FR securely with Easydek Multi Tape Removable. Trimming to size is no problem thanks to the lightweight material.


Multi Board FR offers safe and fire-retardant protection thanks to its high-strength material. Multi Board FR is resistant to water and moisture and is shock absorbent. The lightweight material allows for easy handling and is reusable.

  • Fire-retardant (B1 certified)
  • Light material
  • Very strong
  • Shock absorbing
  • Water and moisture resistant
  • Transparent
  • Reusable
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Multi Board FR


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Delivery program

501030 1 x 2 560gr Transparent/orange 3mm 1


  • Cover floors
  • Cover walls
  • Create temporary walls
  • Create weather-proof fa├žades
  • Cover frames
  • Cover stairs & staircases
  • Cover ceilings
  • Fire-retardant protection for ships/yachts


  • Fire-retardant (B1 certified)
  • Lightweight
  • Very strong
  • Shock-absorbent
  • Water- & moistureresistant
  • Transparent
  • Reusable

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