Multi Cover Air FR

Multi Cover Air FR is a lightly breathable, Flame-retardant and self-adhering fleece for protecting floors

Flame-retardant temporary protection for floors

The product.

Multi Cover Air FR is a self-adhesive flame-retardant cover fleece for the temporary protection of floors and stairs. The cover fleece consists of two layers. The non-slip bottom layer is non-woven and provided with a special, moisture-insensitive adhesive layer. Thus, it always remains firmly attached to the floor. The top layer is flame-retardant and allows any residual vapors from the underlying floor to pass through. From above, this film is moisture-proof. Thanks to the non-slip top layer, dirt cannot penetrate. Multi Cover Air FR protects the floor in a quick and easy way. Easydek’s Flame-retardant products are easily recognizable by the orange color.



During new construction, renovation and maintenance work Multi Cover Air FR offers safe protection for laminate, linoleum, tiles and wooden stairs. Thanks to the vapor permeable foil, Multi Cover Air FR is especially suitable for floors that still need to breathe slightly after installation, such as parquet, ceramics and cast floors.



The combination of non-woven cover fleece and foil makes Multi Cover Air FR a particularly pleasant material to use. It is easy and quick to process. The cover fleece is supplied in rolls with the non-slip carpet pad on the outside. This allows the floor to be covered quickly and easily. 
Application of Multi Cover Air FR ensures safe flame-retardant protection of floor or stairs. Multi Cover Air FR is shock-absorbent and resistant to intensive loading. The moisture-proof top layer is breathable on one side, allowing a newly laid floor to evaporate properly without adversely affecting the curing process or the escape of vapors. The anti-slip bottom layer is self-adhesive and therefore always remains securely in place, preventing slips and trips. Multi Cover Air FR is reusable.

  • Flame retardant (B1 certified)
  • Easy processing
  • Shock absorbing
  • Light breathability (70gr/m2/24h)
  • Anti-skid layer
  • Moisture proof top layer
  • Reusable
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Multi Cover Air FR


Easydek® products are tested on a regular basis. The technical information mentioned is offered on the basis of knowledge, insight, and experiences from practice. The stated data is not binding as a specification and should be considered as a guideline. Easydek B.V. cannot provide any guarantee or warranty about the suitability for a particular application or the use of this product. When using this product the user is always responsible. Before use, the product must always be tested. Deviations in the information can be caused by various environmental factors and deviations in the measuring equipment and methods used. Easydek B.V. is not liable for damage and consequential damage as a result of the use of this product.


  • Covering for hard floors
  • Covering for cast floors with PU top layer
  • Covering of ships & yachts


  • Fire retardant (B1 certified)
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Safe for walking on thanks to self-adhesive underlayer
  • Shock-absorbent and moisture-repellent top layer
  • Breathable top layer
  • Reusable

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