All about the Multi Cover range

All about the Multi Cover range

Selecting the right product

Easydek is proud of its extensive range of floor protection products. A suitable product for your type of flooring is always readily available. However, sometimes you might find it difficult selecting the most suitable product. Below, we will take you through the Multi Cover range and hopefully give you some more insight into the various options.

Multi Cover Standard

The first product we will discuss is Multi Cover Standard. A self-adhesive fleece with a liquid proof top layer used primarily for new build construction, renovations and maintenance. Thanks to the adhesive layer it is easily applied without the need for additional tape. It is reverse wound, so very quickly to apply by hand or foot. A common size is 0,65 x 25m which is used a lot for covering stairs. Multi Cover Standard is suitable for existing floorings. In case of recently installed floors that need some kind of breathability we offer the Multi Cover Premium+ or breathable version.

Multi Cover Premium+

If your floor has been recently installed and still requires some curing time, we offer Multi Cover Premium+. Similar to Multi Cover Standard but with a top layer that is light breathable. It is most commonly used on any type of hardwood that has some kind of finish. This includes finishes such as a wax, lacquer or varnish. It can also be used on any type of epoxy floor, cast floor or ceramic tiles. Multi Cover Premium+ is also suitable for any type of existing floor. Exept for some concrete or natural stone floors, this is highly versatile product.


Multi Cover Breathable

As the name suggest, Multi Cover Breathable would be your choice in terms of covering recently installed floors that still contain a lot of moisture, or are sensitive to excess moisture. For instance, concrete floors or natural stone are very sensitive when it comes to discolorations or stains. Multi Cover Breathable allows for 2liters/sqm/day to evaporate, whilst still being liquid proof from the top. The additional spunbond layer on top adds extra strength and creates a highly durable product. As with the two products above, its moisture resistant adhesive layer creates a non-slip moisture securing a safe working environment. In essence this product would be suitable for covering any type of floor under any circumstance.

Multi Cover Basic

If basic protection is what you are looking for, this would be your go to product. Made of recycled fibers with a non-skid plastic film, Multi Cover Basic is used during paintworks, or maintenance jobs where liquids or any type of oil is being used. The fibers absorb spillage and the film prevents it from leaking through.

Multi Cover Event

Somewhat comparable to Multi Cover Basic, Multi Cover Event is equipped with an even better grade of anti-slip film. Also the additional spunbond layer creates a stronger and more durable product. Most common application is for covering sports halls or gym floors. In situations where you expect a lot of liquids to be spilled we advise Multi Cover Absorb.

Multi Cover Absorb

This highly absorbing fleece has a self-adhesive film backing which prevents any liquids and or oils from passing through onto the floor. This type of product is only suitable for existing floors, with the exception of hardwood that has any type of finish.

Dura Cover Concrete  & Dura Cover Interior

You may not expect these products in this article. But they do share some characteristics with the Multi Cover range. And because of their interesting applications we thought we'd introduce them briefly, anyway.

Both products are made from polypropylene fibers in a high weight grade, layered with a self-adhesive film. The high weight grade offers a very high level of protection over a very long period. The difference in adhesion strength gives the two items their unique applications.

Dura Cover Concrete has a very high adhesion level and is therefore suitable for concrete floors, corridors and staircases. But very importantly, it is also suitable for outside use!

Dura Cover Interior has a lower adhesion level and is therefor suitable for smooth surfaces. It can be applied both horizontally and vertically. It is most commonly used for protection ship interiors, high-end hotels and any other areas with high value, sensitive surfaces.

Multi Cover Construction Carpet

The odd one out. For us that is the Multi Cover Construction Carpet. Where all other products in this family are non-wovens, this is a needle felt. Available is a variant with or without foam layer. In both cases it is a very strong product, suitable for temporary covering of, for example, exposed concrete. It is not liquid-proof, but it is very sturdy. As such, it offers excellent protection against intensive work. Moreover, it is flame retardant and reusable.

Want to know more?

We have tried to explain to you a bit more the Multi Cover range. We fully understand that the circumstances of your project and the required level of protection may sometimes cause you to be unsure which product to choose. In that case please contact us if you have any questions. Budget constraints, availability, application time etc. are all factors that can influence your decisions. We are here to help you in selecting the right product for the job.